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We live in an age where technology is a constant in our lives. Relying on machines to better suit our needs. We’ve reached a new age where impossibilities are suddenly in our grasp. Advancements in science have opened doors to spiritual connections.

What happens when the lines are blurred? When the human obsessions attracts the unnatural?

A young independent woman faced with a tragedy, desperately turns to paranormal outreaching to make contact with her recently diseased mother. With the help of her loyal co-worker and a ghost box, they attempt a real time spirit world communication. Not considering the consequences, their journey spirals into a macabre experience. How far would you go, to once again, speak to your loved ones?

Feeling paranormally curious?


Cast Crew

Headshot Alicia Frame

Alicia Frame

Lead Actress

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Headshot Randy Bernales

Randy Bernales

Lead Actor

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Headshot Erik Papucci

Erik Papucci

Actor / Writer

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Headshot Rob Williams

Rob Williams III


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Headshot Donovan Deleon

Donovan Deleon


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Headshot Asta Razma

Asta Razma


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Headshot Ric Morgan

Ric Morgan


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Headshot Michal Jarzabek

Michal S. Jarzabek

Director / Co-Writer

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Headshot Ben Garza

Ben David Garza

Executive Producer

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Headshot Jacob Jones

Jacob A. Jones

Light Design

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Headshot Holly Harder

Holly Harder

Makeup Artist

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Headshot Ryan Harder

Ryan M. Harder

Sound Design

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Headshot Matt Kot

Matthew Kot

Set Photographer

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Headshot Karlon McGruder

Karlon D. McGrudder

Camera Assistant / Music Producer

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Headshot Lukasz Dziewiatkowski

Lukasz Dziewiatkowski


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Headshot William Cheuh

William Cheuh


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Headshot Tom Bednarz

Tom Bednarz

Production Designer

Headshot Sabrina Mejicanos

Sabrina Mejicanos

Costume Designer

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Production Notes

Ghost Box the movie began with an obsession for the paranormal. Communication with the spirit world has been a peculiar curiosity for many, especially the writers Erik Papucci and Michal Jarzabek.

After months of paranormal research and experiments, the script was in the works. Thanks to Tom Bednarz and Sabrina Majicanos who donated their home, the location was secured. In the mean time, NXT Level Productions casted Chicago Actors while the script was getting finalized.

Once the cast and crew were assembled, the first shoot date was scheduled for Saturday August 26-27, 2017. The filming then continued the following week on September 1-4 for a total of six days. The day came with great excitement; new and old friends came together as a team to follow their passions, working hard to make the vision of Ghost Box come to life.

The movie was shot with five cameras total: Panasonic GH5, two Sony ax6300, Air Mavric and Phantom Standard 3. Some scenes were filmed with multiple cameras. Equipment varied from stabilizers, jibs, tripods and drones. Lighting design was accomplished with a mix of practical, gobo, and LED lights. Location audio was recorded with a Zoom H6.

After the initial shoot dates, the filming of movie was not finished. The total time of production was roughly a year. Post-production was done on Premier for video and Pro Tools for sound. In addition, the movie is formatted to 5.1 surround sound. The movie “Ghost Box” runs a total of 64 minutes and is an experimental indie film crossing over three genres: Thriller, Comedy and Drama.

Electronic Press Kit

Film Title: Ghost Box

Country of Production: USA (Chicago, Illinois)

Film Completion: July 2018

Run Time: 64 mins

Exhibition Capture Format: QuickTime / HDV

Sound Format: Stereo

Drive: Custom - H.264

Film Festivals: TBA

Presented By: Nxt Level Productions, LLC

Production Credits:

Director - Michal Jarzabek

Written By - Erik Papucci

Executive Producer - Ben David Garza

Cinematography - William Chueh

Edited By - Michal Jarzabek

Sound & Music - Ryan Harder

Script Supervisor - Donovan DeLeon

Production Assistant - Lukasz Diewiatkowski

Still Photography - Matthew Kot & Karlon McGruder

Makeup - Holly Harder

Production Design - Sabrina Mejicanos

Camera / Electrical - Matthew Kot & Jacob Allen Jones


Alica Frame - Eve

Randy Bernales - Brad

Donovan DeLeon - Incubus

Erik Papucci - Zak Puff

Rob Williams - Delivery Man

Ric Morgan - Dad

Asta Razma - Mom